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Thom Hoffman is a London-based filmmaker, producer, director, writer

Science/documentary showreel

I'm Thom Hoffman, a Filmmaker, writer and Multimedia Editor specialising in science, comedy, music, culture and documentary pieces.

I have a Canon 5d mkiii, a 550D, GoPro3 and an editing suite. I'm comfortable with all areas of the production process, from pitching ideas, scripting, filming, sound and lighting, to directing and editing.

I have produced content for the Guardian, the BBC, the BMJ, Nature, The Southbank Centre, Universal, London Live, London Symphony Orchestra, The Rationalist Association, Head Squeeze, The Royal Institution and many others.

I'm the Film Director of Bandstand Busking, we put on gigs in underused bandstands across London.

I've been shortlisted for the Empire Magazine Done in 60 Seconds Film competition, once as an actor, and once as a director...

I like DSLR cinematography, writing, podcasting, photographing, filming, editing, and joking.

If you want to get in touch and talk about a project, email me: producerthom(at) or phone me on 0789 060 9149