I LOVE PODCASTS/RADIO: I even wrote a blog post about the topic once. This is where I put some of my audio work, of which there has been a lot...

I did the KCRW 24HR Radio Race. where you are given a topic and have 1 day to make a short documentary. It was pretty intense but good fun. The topic was 'You Should Know'.

I did a poem at the awesome Rhymes with Orange poetry evening you can have a listen here

I did a podcast called Papercuts with stand-up comedian, and sometime washing up co-collaborator, Sam Wong. Lots of old episodes are here. One day I will do a best of because there's just way too much stuff.

I presented and produced a package on the BBC World Service's Digital Planet. All about the internet and privacy and technology. You can listen here:

I have produced many podcasts for the British Medical Journal, mostly these are behind a registration wall, but there is  a lingering RSS and itunes feed with some examples.

I briefly presented a podcast for the tragically now defunct North London music venue The Luminaire. It has good music in it.

This still makes me laugh... I got into contact with the Jon Richardson show and he sent Matt Forde to come and manage our football team on the back of 6 straight defeats. He took charge in time for our last game of the season. Could Fordy make all the difference and channel Cloughy to take Sci Comm Stallions to glory?