My expedition work focusses on sharing stories from the cutting edge of scientific exploration. I've been privileged to work on a series of research trips from 5000m above sea level on Mount Everest, to 4500m below on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. I produce accessible science multimedia including articles, films, and photography, whilst live-streaming to millions and engaging people at home with exciting research from the remotest laboratories in the world.

Xtreme Everest

I spent a month in Nepal following research scientists travelling up to Everest Base Camp studying how humans react differently to low oxygen levels. Why some people get altitude sickness and others don't, why some low oxygen levels put people at death's door, while others can reach the top of Mount Everest.

We got picked up by BBC Newsround, Channel 4, the Guardian, the Evening standard and many other outlets

Hydrothermal Hunt in the Marianas

I've spent two months at sea exploring brand new underwater volcanoes and seafloor ecosystems.  These trips increase our understanding of the most inaccessible of environments. My work involves sharing these trips with the public, and engaging them with scientific research so we can better care for our scarcely understood, and rapidly changing water-planet.