It was a real privilege to attempt to tell Lucy’s inspiring and complicated story for the BBC.

iPlayer description:

Lucy Evans' personality changed overnight. She faced months of delusions & psychosis before the shocking truth emerged.

It’s a story no one else can forget, but Lucy can’t remember. To everyone watching she was a different person, she became extremely loud, singing, manically colouring in until her hands bled, and saying she was a dinosaur. There was a lot of confusion over what was happening, hallucinations, delusions and a lack of inhibition marked an extreme period of Lucy’s life.

What would you do if a friend changed personality overnight? What could be causing it? Since getting the diagnosis Lucy is determined to ensure other people get the right diagnosis too.

Though the disease is treatable, brain injuries leave a complex legacy, and Lucy struggles with significant memory issues. She is making a film for her future self to tell her story and capture her positive view on life. She has emerged from this terrifying period with inspiring attitude and incredible determination to make sure everyone knows about this disease.